The Turtle is called 'Aak' in Mayan language:


The symbol of the Turtle stands for the wise grandchildren of Grandmother Galaxy (Hunab K’u). This is because they are inaugurated in the knowledge of the time for all the beings at Mother Earth. A Turtle caries the Wisdom of Time on its shield because it exists of 13 parts like the 13 Moons of the year. The ring contains 28 little parts, just as many days fit into a month. Unfortunately it’s still a fact that teardrops are falling out of the eyes of the Turtle. Now the Turtle isn’t that quick (so that’s not the reason) but do most people still not see it. That the calendar marks on its back point out the right natural time of the Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear. This is why most people have forgotten the Truth of Time… and this is why the turtle cries!

"Turtle his period is from June 27 until July 24 in the ruling Cosmic Moon (13)"

People born with the influences of Toon 13 can be psychic and have prophetic dreams. You can’t fool them and they are able to see conspiracies from far away (be in the present time and connect with yourself… enjoy life… live!). Click here to return to the other Mayan Zodiac Signs.

Hunab K'u the spirit behind the thought,

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