The Rabbit is called the 'Tzub' in Mayan language:


It stands for a symbol of fertility and wealth. The cleverness of the Rabbit is mentioned in many Mayan stories in which the Rabbit turns out to be smarter than its competitor. The Rabbit was honored by the Mayan because of its courage.

"Rabbit his period is from May 30 until June 26 in the ruling Cristal Moon (12)"

People born with the influences of Toon 12 can collaborate well with others and have the unique talent of seeing lots of angles. If needed they can stabilize and integrate the angles to make the whole picture complete and visible. They can unintentionally give some advise by sharing their openness and love with others (stay to which you have dedicated yourself and you shall receive all the glory of which you’ve ever dreamed of). Click here to return to the other Mayan Zodiac Signs.

Hunab K'u the spirit behind the thought,

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