The Deer is called 'Keh' in Mayan language:


The Deer is very important because it appears in a lot of myths of the Mayan philosophy. The God of thunder Tohil appeared in a shape of a white Deer and brought the male begetting power. The active aspect of this is the Moon Goddess Ichel, she gave herself to Tohil as a red Deer. The female Deer stand for receiving and for subconscious powers.

"Deer his period is September 20 until October 17 from the ruling Electric Moon (3)"

People who are born with influences of Toon 3 are artistic and expressive in their communication. They can even be hypnotic. They’re good at bringing together and bonding people, goals and resources (the true solution doesn’t exist… Don’t keep still). Click here to return to the other Mayan Zodiac Signs.

Hunab K'u the spirit behind the thought,

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