The Hawk is called 'Coz' in Mayan language:


The view of the Hawk is enormous. From a big distance and height it can oversee the past and the future. For the Mayan this was the most divined animal because the Hawk was in last stage of reincarnation before going to the next life at a higher level of the evaluation spiral.

"Hawk his period is from February 7 until March 6 in the ruling Galactic Moon (8)"

People born with the influence of Toon 8 are always prepared to discover new things. They are the designers and inventors of the physical world because they want to know how others see the world and function in it. This is why they often are world travelers (the interior and exterior matched with each other). Click here to return to the other Mayan Zodiac Signs.

Hunab K'u the spirit behind the thought,

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