The lizard is called 'Xibkay' in Mayan language:


It’s the holy animal of the Mayan Deity of heaven 'Itzamna'. For the Mayan the Lizard stand for the dream because a Lizard knows what is about to happen because he have already dreamed about it.

"Lizard his period is December 13 until January 9 in the ruling rhythmic Moon (6)"

People who are born with influences of Toon 6 are full of ideas and always looking for ways to expand their creativity. No matter what the situation is, they will work to better the situation. That’s why developments and progress are pursued on a physical and intellectual way (don’t worry... comes time that bring all advice). Click here to return to the other Mayan Zodiac Signs.

Hunab K'u the spirit behind the thought,

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