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How The United Universe is willing to contribute to a better World for everybody:

The United Universe is the first global organisation. That is to say, each of the 237 independent states and self steering areas that belong to this world have their own internet site and a separate database. It is a fact that in all of those countries there are problems (big and smaller ones), and there live students who take college (our colleagues), and internet is accessible for everyone, so now there is also the organization of The United Universe.

Poverty, injustice, pollution of the environment, terrorism en wars, name it and it is there. People do see so much harm and pain…… they almost became immune for it. What can you do as an individual person? Now, with the establishment of The United Universe, everyone can be of meaning something. Because The United Universe offers a platform for those who want to contribute to a better world. On The United Universe people strike together to localize and signalize problems. Next to it The United Universe profiles itself especially as a place where these problems can be solved. Together with visitors of the organization (TUU) we can find a solution for local, national and international problems. Collective intelligence (united power) makes everything possible. More and more people realize themselves that the world can by destroy when we do not take any action, and fast. The United Universe offers the opportunity to each individual to contribute in an active way at solutions for these world problems. At the same time all the projects can be monitored 24/7 and be followed live through "Projectcoördinatie".

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Why The United Universe was founded:

At he turn of 2012 en 2013 the pressure on the lack of supplies that nature gives us, plus the environmental pollution, shows us that there must be a "change of culture"! You can see for yourself something disastrous is coming. Just look around you and see how the world, the environment, and your fellow-men are suffers enormous.

What kind of problems do we have to deal with:

The problems Deepak Chopra tried to explain in an interview with Rick Nieman on RTL TV of the Netherlands...

< Deepak Chopra, click here for the interview >

And…….Al Gore and... Leonardo DiCaprio hitting us with a slap in the face with their clear movies...

...An Inconvenient Truth" en "The 11th Hour"

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We cannot and may not ignore these problems. We have to deal with the quality of life for every individual, as well for this generation as for all the next generations. How long do we allow this to continue? More and more we find out about things that were hidden and it only gets worse and worse. It is clear we are on collision course. At the end of 2012 there is nothing left and we will be the rats in the trap. Most of us will be forced to make the culture change, it will be marking time then. But, great danger is lurking. Namely... that poor countries wants to experience the prosperity that all the big and wealthy countries (G20) already had. That is the reason we have to live as bad as we are living now. That is why there are chances that there will be countries that continue the destroying of our planet. The rapids we are in cannot be stopped anymore and we will slide into total chaos. If you can imagine all the suffering that is waiting for us in future you can imagine that was a good reason we had to establish The United Universe enter now and help please.

Now we are waiting… the year 2012, for the inevitably drama which will be unfold:

If we do not take any action, and fast, to save our environmental and climate to make a culture change (see menu: After 21/12/2012 Prophecy) the above mentioned will be the start of a process that will be irreversible. It will be piled up to all the already existing problems, caused by the industrial revolution which we allowed to go on, turning a blind eye to. That is the reason big parts of the world already have to cope with disasters like cyclones, tornado’s, and/or hurricanes which are a direct consequence of Global Warming! Other areas have to deal with earthquakes, floods, dryness etc. which is of influence on… clear and clean drinking water, shortage, lack of food and in the worst case famine. Already pollution of the environment in the air, as well as water and soil are of great influence. We leave blank the option for a Global Epidemic, but day by day the danger of it grows. Because fossil fuels are almost done. Inflation, mortgages and loans are running high which might cause total crash of the economy. Look at the financial crisis we are in now and which might cause panic, giving the danger or the possibility of hyperinflation coming nearby. There is a big chance panic will rule the world. Wars, death and destruction will be our part. Most of us only than realize themselves that we have to make a mental change in thinking, like "John Lennon" meant in the beautiful and meaningful song "Imagine": I HOPE SOMEDAY YOU'LL JOIN US, AND THE WORLD WILL BE AS ONE. Imagine sang by John Lennon. Many of us think that our planet is inexhaustible, but those “many” are waiting a big surprise. We already started the tendency toward total chaos and lots of us are worried about the rapids we are in and that cannot be stopped anymore. The globe doctor on the other hand is hoping that they are wrong en that it is still not too late to make a change and make that world wide culture change to a new Era (positive thinking never hurts).


The globe doctor is going together with you and The United Universe trying to stop this from happening:

We are going to offer an alternative for all this hardship. We all will contribute to a better environment for life and for everyone. The globe doctor will pull the emergency brake and will never let it go (like a pit-bull never would).

Dear all, planet Earth is already out of balance (let alone at 2012):

Many of us realize now that this unbalance is the result of decades of neglecting Nature, Ourselves and the Climate. All that because of the fact that we, totally blind to accepted the Gregorian calendar, there society and there belonging economy. That is the reason we lost contact with the nature and our instinct. The most bizarre of this all is it gave us restriction of our own freedom (WTF).

Imagine by: "John Lennon"

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I assume that John Lennon meant it this way. Listen to the song of The United Universe dot Com and then you know what we mean immediately...

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The United Universe dot Com offers a platform to people who want to contribute to a better world for everyone because collective intelligence (united power) makes everything possible!

De hope is you... because they so blind to the truht:

What a perfect time to be born and live in, because this generation will give the world a new shape. Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own heart. Raise your awareness and join The United Universe please...

"In contact with my real source I let go of all my doubts en see where my true path is located"

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