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Mass meditation:


On May-20-2012 we can meet in the ancient Mayan city for masse meditate led by acknowledged Yoga teacher Cleo Westermann...

...she is also the initiator of Urban beach Yoga, visit her website on:

Because on 2012, May 20 a Planetary Alignment will take place in line with the centre of our Milky Way (see: Mayan Truth Prophecy 2012). We should consider the wreckage this can cause, as 100 percent. The reason we are going to mediate over there en masse is to temper the percentage of the total wreckage, and we will do that in the form of meditation. A special form of Mayan meditation is currently being developed (see: Mayan Meditation).

Where we start with our pure will-power, which we will join straight opposing the flow, which goes straight to the centre of the Milky Way. Question: why do some people survive an accident and others don’t? Answer: pure will-power makes the difference in surviving the accident! So, we will use pure will-power together with the pyramid light motor to neutralize this catastrophe. If not everyone believes in this solution, the people who do not participate will make the success rate decrease. In other words if all people in the world would participate, nothing would happen that day, because the success rate would be 100 percent. If only half of humanity would participate, the wreckage would be 50 percent. So, Johan van der Beek asks all people living somewhere on Earth on a fault line, around 20/05/2012, to participate and to please invite their loved ones as well. This in order to be able to elevate the success rate of this event.

We can not neglect this moment of rewriting history on 20/05/2012:

Besides, it would not be responsible to not interrupt in this natural phenomenon, when the Arctic and Antarctic poles turns around, once every 26.000 year. That turn would hit us as happened in the past with for example the of destruction of Atlantis. The essence of this planet Earth; is a huge iron crystal in the shape of an octahedron (one with a North and a South Pole).

If everyone would be occupied by this, these Poles will remain in place at about 20/05/2012.

Johan van der Beek wants to achieve this:

We gather in the ancient Mayan city of Teotihuacan.That was a Mayan city in the Valley of Mexico, in the current federal state of Mexico, where currently only ruins have remained. The city was alive from about 120 BC until 700 AD and counted approximately 200.000 inhabitants on its acme.

"click here to see the grounds of the ancient city of Teotihuacan on Google Maps"

To be able -from there- create a shield of light, by our strong will-power, combined with the pure will-power of the globe doctor (see: after 2012 prophecy), where we together can neutralizer the effects off the Solar eclipse or at least disarm the forces following this natural disaster which will take place on 20/05/2012.

To, this way, protect ourselfs against the ominous attraction ahead, which are related to the Solar Eclipses of May 20, 2012, see: Solar Eclipses van 20 mei 2012 and/or and so we would not suffer from the aftermath of this possible Pole shift. If we can do our thing there at 20/05/2012 and next re-introduce the 13 months/Moons calendar c/q. Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear worldwide (at least if we want to keep Earth and her beings alive) man will be able to tune in to the next change, to prevent a next catastrophe and to make the switch from technosphere to noosphere, in order to create a harmonious new time/world for ourselves and our offspring’s.

Count down schedule:

Till the end of the Mayan Long Count cycle, until 21/12/2012, 11:11 AM GMT (click for the live count down and/or see:

The traditional Mayan Long Count

Why should we also be present in the ancient Mayan city, at 21/12/2012?:

More and more it is becoming clear that humanity is only one step away of a necessary shift (see: Mayan - 2012 Shift!). On the borderline where the old time transforms to the New Age, which will exactly be on 21/12/2012 in about three hours time, beginning at 10:10 with the highest peak in between 11:11 at 12:12 and lowest peak at 13:13. After this everything should be stabilized again, but in between that period a moment will happen, which only takes place once every 26.000 year and that will be the chance to make an evolutionary leap in awareness. A change in “awareness” which will enable us to not experience ourselves as separated individuals, but as beings truly connected to each other and to the world. Johan van der Beek says: heaven and Earth are not separated, what we seek is actually already here! Because separation is a Human Roam (error)...

...that results from decades long following an unnatural time (see: Mayan - 2012 Shift!).

All people who are interested:

Can –before travel schedules are published- become member of End of the Maya Calendar 21/12/2012 Meditation Hyves See: to receive the updates on the latest news considering the gathering at 20/05/2012 and 12/12/2012. More information will follow soon: anyhow, if you are looking for me at about the time/date of 20/05/2012 and/or on 21/12/2012? You know where to find me...

Hunab K'u, the spirit behind the thought:

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