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All of the 17 Mayan calendars are calculated and have a scale or rate of an orbit of some other luminary body in the Universe. The big difference between the Mayan calendars and other calendars is that the one of the Mayan knows a cycle with a beginning and an end; all the other calendars do not. And the similarity between the human and the Mayan calendar exists in the fact that they all consist of a cycle. Every element always has a time and place and everything always is liable to some kind of cycle and that is just what the Mayan try to explicit to us with their 17 calendars. Because like planet Earth have a grip on the Moon with her cycle of 28 days, the Earth is in the hold of de Sun with her 365 days cycle and also the Solar system is in the clutch of our Galaxy with her cycle of 25915 year. And our Galaxy which her 260 million year lasting cycle, which turns her around the centre of the Black hole. That centre is what the Mayan call Hunab K’u!


All things with the exception of a solid shape we can qualify as vibration and that is present to a certain frequency. Even from a metaphysical point of view the whole Universe exists from vibrations (although I do not want to go that deep at the moment). The frequency of sound we can measure in decibels and a calendar has his own time frequency (the natural 13 moon time frequency is 13:28). Sound gives an effect to the ears and a calendar is vision of thoughts (vision of ideas). The Gregorian calendar was founded once in the long, long past and rated as fixed measurement for the world market (economy), that calendar has a time frequency of 12:60... which can influence our mind. Simple because it is a calendar which has been invented by man and money is its counterpart.

Time frequency:

Everything is vibration and has its own frequency. The body has “feeling” and our thoughts are sensible for vibrations because a vibration exists of numerous miniscule energy waves. If you contribute to a society and/or economy you are trapped in that time frequency 12:60. By Buddhism and Hinduism named as maya, meaning in Sanskrit: Veil of Illusion. Because you are following the time frequency of 12:60 which is the outflow of the Gregorian calendar. It gives the human mind a vision of the world that is far of from reality. But as you can neutralize sound with anti sound, we can neutralize this so called maya illusion by choosing another...

Namely by choosing a time frequency of 13:28 which was used and followed by the Mayan, Indians and other tribes in middle- and south America (México) use this Tun Uc SolarMoonyear. Because the Earth as well as the Moon make their cycles around our Sun and they have a time frequency of 13:28. This is a time cycle that does not know any intervention by man. Provided that you do not know of the existence of this 13 moon calendar… you follow this Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear instinctively (just by looking at the Stars).

The Mayan wield as much as 17 calendars:

On 3 of those, namely the Tzolkin, Tun Uc and the Long Counting which will end in the magical year of 2012, Mayan Time Guard Johan van der Beek had accomplish to specialize in.

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Long Counting:

This counting of this Mayan cycles will expires on the 21st of December 2012 (view MAYAN MENU: Prediction). That will be the moment to entwine all loose ends and come together to united, to prepare for the last battle befor the new Mayan Long Count cycles of almost 26000 years, to be precise 360 (degrees) x 72 years = 25,920 years!

The Mayan, all Nature tribes and Equal minded people do believe that, after this date (26th of July 2013), there will be a new Era.

A period of personal development and a shift to a higher consciousness through the synchronicity of the Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear (view MAYAN MENU: Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear).

The Tun Uc:

This Mayan Tun Uc calendar or the cycles of luminary bodies within our solar system is cycling so accurate that there is no other timekeeper and/or calendar on this world you can compare with!

Herewith this clock emotionally is according to our biological ticking clock, our inner compass. This synchronism is divided of the cycle of planet Earth with her 13 Moons period, times 28 days and plus one day out of time (25th of July) which makes this natural time cycles of 365 days a SolarMoonyear complete.

This cosmic clock which we can pin point as a Solar year, that millennia back, already was called by the Mayan the Tun Uc. But the Tun Uc is perhaps the most important calendar of al times. Because with this 13 moon calendar you can calculate your horoscope (view MAYA MENU: Tun Uc SolarMoonyear). We also could call it a birth registration which, with reference to your date of birth (Toon, Kin and Mayan year) and shows your Mayan constellation, which gives you a place between the Stars.

One of the seventeen calendars is the spiritual Tzolkin:

From the 17 cycles of the luminary bodies the Mayan keep track of and there were following the Tzolkin. A birth cycle of 260 days (in other words 9 months) accomplished here on earth a Child is born e.g. a Kin is made.

The 260 days in this calendar all has their own character and energy. Herewith you can calculate his/hers Mayan Sun Seal or Signet. With which you can calculate and make astronomical predictions. (view the Mayan menu Maya Tzolkin) They rule over the process of creation. Every day has his own number and a sign in a specific colour. There are 13 signs, which are mentioned “Toon” and 20 signs which are mentioned Sun seals.

In this way there are 13 times 20 combinations, which originate 260 different periods of days which repeats every 260 time in the short counting of the Tzolkin with a time frequency of 13:20 (it mainly for the mind).

Just take all the Mayan Grand Elders in mind, wrong: Johan Kukulkan Hunab K’u see “The Global Culture Change” enter:

In Lak'ech

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