Invites students to join


"Dear Student"

With this letter I offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with The United Universe because I think you probably might be interested. I ask you kindly but urgently to take some time to read this letter and to visit the website: The United Universes.

The United Universe invites students to join:

It has been The United Universe’s intention from the start (2007) to give ownership (50%) of The United Universe to students from all over the world. The project management en the coordination of all projects is handled by students. This offers students work experience (acting for instance as a webmaster for a part of the website, a supervisor for a project group or carrying out marketing plans) It also enables them to gain ‘studying points’. And enables them to take the necessary steps to change things for the better at the same time, which ultimately benefits their own future! All projects can be followed live, 24/7, on the project coordination website.

But we already have:

Greenpeace, WWF, etc. you may think. Well, The United Universe is different from those kinds of organizations. TUU is a platform from and for all the people of this world. Instead of asking for money, people donate their local or Global problem and together with the support of other people, they create their own solutions. Of course, The United Universe would like governments, industries, political parties, business organizations, etc. to also join and help people to find the right solutions. If people from all over the world donate problems to The United Universe website and are willing to help find solutions, governments, corporates, and political parties will surely feel the pressure!

Let’s unite and do our utmost to reach our goal... making The United Universe something no one can deny enter The United Universe business plan >>>

The planning is still this!:

On the date 10/10/2010 at the time 10 minutes pas 10 and 10 seconds we plan to bring new life again in this Mayan Tun Uc calendar. The globe doctor (Johan van der Beek) will give this Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear to all the students of the world...

...just like The United Universe has been given (see: MENU INVITATION: students). Because the student of today, they are the future of tomorrow!

Press release... the Mayan year 2012 will already start at 10/10/2010 10:10:10

Johan van der Beek would like to point out the following message with this Mayan press release 2012. Like I have doneted the non-profit organisation The United Universe (TUU), see explanation TUU: I Would also like to donate the Mayan Tun Uc thirteen Moon calendar to all the students again (enter

Student: Would you be so kind to send this Mayan publication to other students please!

Media: Would you be so kind to make this Mayan press release public please!

For more information about the Mayan Tun Uc Age: "enter the Maya TunUc Age"

"Enter the Maya TunUc Age"

With kindest regards:
Johan van der Beek (globe doctor)
CEO, TUU (The United Universe) enter:

address: Sijpestein 138. 1083 XL Nederland @ Amsterdam, Holland the Netherlands.
phone: +31 (0) 6 15 87 18 94

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