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Mededeling Amsterdam 28-10-2011:

Tijdens het pad der verlichting van Johan van der Beek, is hij tot nieuwe inzichten gekomen waardoor Johan genoodzaakt is om Hier en Daar zijn inzichten iets bij stellen en/of aan te vullen over het fenomeen “Hunab K’u en de Akasha archief”. Hetgeen waar die bewust van is geworden vind je op deze site “Mayan Rawfood Workshop” enter: . De informatie blijkt zelfs voor Johan Kukulkan Hunab K’u een openbaring te zijn!

This writing helps us to transform:

From the caterpillars consciousness information era to the transformation of the butterfly consciousness.

On the world there already are about 250 self manageable countries and in all these countries live many people with different nationalities, ideologies, philosophies and/or denominations with each other. The most of them worship (and that with a lack of a better name) a so called God and/or Goddess. I’ve lost track on how many major Religions’ and sub-religions’ Gods this is about. I also can’t really place where those Gods would all be, but it sounds like a nice group… wherever that might be.


The living needs of humans up to the accessible are worldwide everywhere the same. So is the air (oxygen), food (see invitation to: Raw food) and the drinks we need. We all have read colored blood running through our veins which is due to the constant cycle because the blood goes all around in our body in one minute. We can conclude that we’re all the same and miraculously from all that the human consists of... the world also does. The same elements, building materials and water what we can find in ourselves, this is how it can also be found outside the atmosphere, in our solar system and galaxy. We can even say that everything is about the same blueprint in the great galaxy of which we are part of.

Amsterdam July 25 2010:

During the reactivation of the Maya Tun Uc SolarMoonyear on July 25 2010 = the day out of time (see MENU INVATATIONS: Day Out of Time) I finally understand the true meaning of Hunab K’u… as founder of Size and Movement. Because all forms of life on Mother Earth, Big and Small… All the life in other shapes and sizes outside the atmosphere are all part of a cycle. Hunab K’u is the power (engine) behind all those cycles because everything goes around the centre of the in the middle located Black hole. The Maya call this Black hole as Hunab K’u and is responsible for the size and movement of everything. Even better…. Everything once came from there and after enough time eventually will disappear back into Hunab K’u.

Now in 2009 we can finally speak out:

Because this has been confirmed by NASA and already more than 80 years ago by Albert Einstein (while the idea of a Black Hole dates back as far as 1783) it was only after Einstein published his general relativity theory in 1916 that the modern concept was introduced. The actual phrase Black Hole was not, however, coined until 1968. That into the centre of our Galaxy there is located a Black Hole. This centre of the Galaxy the Mayan also call Hunab K’u. Wouldn’t it be more assumable that in reality we all worship one and the same God (One love One Destination!)? It’s even more logical that there’s only one God. What do you think of Hunab K’u as the Architect and Founder of Life and the Spirit behind the Though.

Fortunately we don’t have to do anything:

And can we just let it all go to follow the evaluation process and do thing exactly the way nature means it. You can just open up to it and listen to the conductor from the Cosmos: Hunab K’u! Dr Deepak Chopra also says it in the following film here beneath...

Deepak Chopra, the wonder of you:

As an embryo of a woman is fertilized you’re not more than just a tiny little tadpole with a DNA blueprint in a pre-heated oven. After the cell segmentation starts, after 50 replica’s they’re already a 100 trillion cells (which is comparable to the number of starts in our Galaxy). Every cell does at least a few million things every second and every cell knows exactly what the other cell is doing. How can it be that every person can think, play piano and/or guitar, fight viruses and bacteria, remove poisoned, substances out his body and make babies… this all at the same time. And while we’re doing that we follow the cycle of the Planets, Moon and Stars. Our biological clock follows the rhythm of the orchestra from the Cosmos. The inner intelligence of you is your consciousness, that is the ultimate wonder and superior genius that mirrors the wisdom of the Universe.

Great grandmother galaxy introduces herself:

I am great grandmother galaxy. You know me already, but not all of you know me as your great grandmother. Yes, I am the galaxy, I am the great grandmother of everything you are and can know about. With your eyes, you can know me at night and see how great and ancient is my spread of stars like a dusty ribbon of light making a circle around your mind. These stars are my tapestry, which is the weaving of time. Each star is the center of its own time. Every planet rotates in its time around a star. Often there is at least one moon rotating in its own time around a planet. The time of the moon keeps time with the time of the planet. The time of the planet keeps time with the time of its star. The time of the star keeps time with my heartbeat, the Hunab K'u, the center of the galaxy. Hunab K'u keeps time with everything, and everything keeps time with Hunab K'u. My heartbeat of Hunab K'u is the measure of all things known through time. What is there that cannot be known through time? That is why great grandmother galaxy is so patient. She has nothing but time to play with. Her play time is our play time too. This is why great grandmother galaxy sings:

Hunab K'u Hunab K'u
time is the center we all pass through
Hunab K'u Hunab K'u
time is me and time is you
Hunab K'u Hunab K'u
we are all the center that time passes through
the stars you see are songs in my hair
the planets are jewels strung on bracelets of air
in the center of time there is a root that grows
becoming through time 20 fingers and toes
Hunab K'u Hunab K'u
time is now for me and you!

Hunab K'u, the spirit behind the thought:

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