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If someone were to ask the me:

What can we do about the upcoming natural disaster c/q phenomenon that is about to happen on date 20/05/2012. I would say that at first we should have all hands on deck to...

...during that phenomenon “Solar Eclipse”, to let the light shine again on the places where it will fall away that terrible day.

So there is a plan and that great Plan of the globe doctor consists of three phases, and all three should be performed simultaneously.

Phase (1):

China (CNSA), Japan (JAXA), Russia (RSSI), Canada (CSA) and the USA (NASA) also if possible European Space Agency ((E)ESA), jointly develop a satellite (which can be launched around 14/05/2012) which has a kind of reflector shield, like a huge mirror, that at the time that it arrives behind the Moon at the moment that the Solar Eclipse is taking place on Earth, can stop the cosmic radiation as much as possible.

And when that job would be done we put that satellite shield in orbit around the Earth, so that it alternately can start healing the North and South Poles by blocking the Sunlight with his accompanying radiation. So that the ice can grow back again in order to have the water level drop again World wide, of which the opposite is the case now.

Phase (2):

We literally built a Pyramid light bridge with the four Pyramid light engines (click here for information about the Pyramid light engine) and figuratively, spiritually the pyramid light bridge is supported by all participants and they do that... by combining their sheer willpower. Because people that see and/or feel a disaster coming create a field of pure willpower around them. That is why people survive a fatal accident and others that go into shock do not. Therefore, pure willpower makes the difference whether someone survives an accident or not (for this see Mayan 20/05/2012 Meditation).

Pyramid Light Engine:

We place one on the mainland in Po hen, China, a + pole, one in Russian waters, a – pole, one in Midland, Texas USA, a – pole, and the fourth will be placed in the North Pacific Ocean, a + pole.

It should be possible to follow it live through Radio, TV, Internet and Mobile phone so that everyone with its sheer willpower can contribute to this!

Why a pyramid light bridge:

Because in this way we can gradually divide the Cosmic powers with the people around the Globe that participate herein.

Not that in a moment all generated forces arising from the Solar Eclipse and the (Mayan 2012) Alignment will solely rest on the shoulders of the globe doctor. But should that be the case anyway then the globe doctor wants to be able to also prepare himself well for this and Japan can nicely offer a helping hand as they hold a trump card for the globe doctor namely: he would like to receive the symbol of Power, Respect and Honor “The Samurai Sword” in the name of Japan. Possibly with associated traditional Samurai Armor and Ninja Equipment (knowing hat somewhere in the World an old Samurai Sword bears my name). So that it can serve by my side again during the events that will take place in the year two thousand and twelve (2012).

And to maintain my motivation and interest The United States should give me a new USCG 47 (a Coast Guard 47-foot motor life boat), fully equipped in the colors as shown in the picture (so i can inspect the coastline myself in order to give the whole a scientific touch). So President Obama, please donate the globe doctor a “USCG 47” ASAP (as soon as possible) so he can start working.

And Mexico:

Only has to allow the globe doctor to use the land a few meters around the platform... between the pyramids in the ancient Mayan city, Teotihuacan five times in the year 2012 and once before and once after on 08/11/2011 and on the dates 20/05/2012, 06/06/2012, around 25/07/2012, 12/12/2012, 21/12/2012 and on 25/07/2013.

Phase (3); we station four Mighty Aircraft Carriers in the North Pacific Ocean.

One off the coast of China, the second in the Bering Sea (Russia), the third off the coast of The United States and the fourth in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in order to make a quadrilateral. And between the first three Aircraft Carriers we have a few refueling air crafts circling. The globe doctor ascends just before the Solar Eclipse on date 20/05/2012 from the at the coast of China located aircraft carrier in a F-14 Tomcat and/or jet of equal value.

We then fly at the climax of the Solar Eclipse, that means during the Corona through the Bering Sea to the United States coast line. So we keep following the Corona in orbit above where the other two aircraft carriers are located at a height of 25.915 feet (or can only the Lockheed SR-71 do that). So we fly through the heart of a Pyramid of Light. Because that is where most of the energy is and during the flight I do my thing. And the final stop is the landing strip between the Pyramids in the ancient Mayan city of Teotihuacan where I should be dropped on the plateau.

So that I will be just in time to experience the end of the Solar Eclipse back on Earth again to entirely make a full circle. But if the F-14 Tomcat cannot handle that due to speed and/or height, we then should explore the possibility if another craft can handle this and/or if we then can bring back to life the mighty “Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird” for that to use for this event around 20/05/2012.

Because I can explain the speed of a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird in a crossing from New York to London. This distance was taken in 1 hour, 54 minutes and 56,4 seconds and that was not even full power (theoretically around the World in 11 hours).

If I would have the money of Bill Gates (Microsoft):

I would have known what to do...then the globe doctor would accept the offer of Russia to go in a shuttle around the Moon for 100 million U.S. Dollars, but then only at the moment that the Solar Eclipse takes place here on Earth, to be able to fully pull out all (whether I will survive it or not) to somehow avert the disaster that will take place on 20/05/2012.

But should for one reason or the other the previous mentioned plans not be answered, then, in the worst case scenario, I will be there at the spot in the ancient Mayan city of Teotihuacan and I then will do my thing on my own. There around the pyramid of the Sun and the Moon (there where the Tun Uc SolarMoonyear of the Ancient Mayan is born and is also reactivated again).

But I think I am just too late then because the Solar Eclipse does end there.

Anyway, assuming that most of the World population has participated:

And the three plans have been carried out around 20/05/2012. Therefore we have been able to avert the danger of a catastrophe. Because we have worked together with the vast majority of the World population with the countries that are located around the North Pacific Ocean (Pacific Plate) and on the edge of the Ring of Fire (enter here NASA maps). From New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, North and South Korea, Japan, Russia, Alaska, Canada, USA, Mexico all the way to Ecuador, Peru to Chile Argentina... (see also: The Ministry of Defence). And in the ancient Mayan city (Mexico) we have ensured that we not been dragged in the wake of that event, so that the magnetic North Pole and South Pole have nicely remained on their spot and we haven't had the after-effects that could have risen from that. Such as for example that al the volcanoes located on the fault lines would erupt and bring large Earthquakes and devastating Tsunami's.

So that we have seen that humanity certainly is in the position to act in an adequate way. From that moment on man will more consciously, step by step, live together in harmony with nature again (I hope before, already in 08 or 28/11/2011 but well). It costs us nothing and it is even desirable that the way of life achieved through unity consciousness walks alongside society and the economy of today. It is just like the new Globe Book (see menu: Globe Book) that can be used alongside other holy books also. So it is a supplement to the current standard of living. So we are literally and figuratively starting to live again as it is written in the Stars. “Literally” by being one and showing respect for Mother Nature again and “Figuratively” by using the Maya Tun Uc SolarMoonyear in everyday life.

What is a World Liberator?:

Is this what is meant by Edgar Cayce with: in my next life in which I reincarnate I will come back as a World Liberator (see also Edgar Cayce vs. Globe Doctor) and make sure that the transition from the old to the New Age goes smoothly and that he will also make sure that all people can take note again from their natural Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear.

There is only one way and you have to follow no one for that:

Just only every day again follow the light of the day color of the Chakra's in yourself. You can use that as a natural compass (see menu: The Mayan Unity Consciousness Meditation) as that light also works as your guide (Karma), with making the right choices for important decisions because by being playful we become Wise and how that works? Perhaps that Wisdom comes with the Light and the Wind. By sitting still, to listen as open-minded as a child you can receive life lessons. You only have to play and capture it. It is about exploring what lives in the depths of your heart. Thát is where you hear the truth. However, the Question is; do you decide to listen to it or not?! Because...
If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in man.
When there is beauty in man, there will be harmony in the house.
When there is harmony in the house, there will be quiet in the country.
When there is quiet in the country, there will be peace on Earth again!

You do not have to be ashamed you know!? To accept this lifeline... here catch please.

I herewith like to thank Hunab K'u that we are able to experience in our short life here on Earth a 26000-year cycle in person and can also celebrate this abundantly on 21/12/2012!

Hunab K'u, the spirit behind the thought:

Johan Kukulkan Hunab K’u The United Universe
phone: +31 (0) 622322749

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