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New Watch Design:

The World market is standardized on the Gregorian calendar & time, which has nothing to do with Constellations and/or Horoscopes, but is all about Mind Control. They turned Time into Money, which is nonsense.

Natural time vs. man-made time:

It goes wrong with current time when for example two children are born at the same moment, but both on the other side of the ocean. They will get different signs (with some exceptions). Moreover, businesswise it is very complicated with the different months and leap-year/days/times. There actually is just one day with one time (wherever you are in the world) and this is not a time which is connected to the Sun, but to the Moon. This is why the Mayan TunUc Solar Moonyear can exist besides the Gregorian economical calendars. One for economy and the other to get in contact again with the miracles of Nature and the Cosmos. The main difference between the Gregorian time and the Mayan Solar Moonyear time is that the stress and routine that the Gregorian calendar under current view causes for most of us, we now have completely lost our way. Please believe when I tell you that your Body and Mind work better with the Cosmos as Mayan time standard, in other words the TunUc Solar Moonyear. Because as air is the atmosphere of the body, is the Moon the atmosphere for feeling and time the atmosphere for the mind. The one who owns your time, is the ruler of your life. Therefore take back control of your own time and you will get to know yourself again. At least as convenient is that the Mayan TunUc Solar Moonyear is separate from any religious or spiritual system. So, no ideologies and no separation anymore, simply one time, for all peoples on one planet, because the new time of the Mayan TunUc Solar Moonyear is for every moment in daily life. Besides in the Mayan TunUc age we don’t need a teacher, so we don't have to become a student, we don’t need a leader, neither a Guru because you are already your own Avatar!

The importance of this natural Mayan TunUc time watch is that we will synchronise again with everybody on Planet Earth, everybody who wears the watch. But even more important is that we will also synchronise with our Milkyway galaxy Avatarstarship and Hunab K’u.

Everyone who does not connects with the TunUc Solar-Moon-Year remains part of the problem, instead we must be part of the solution. And to understand that, we should return to the ancient natural Mayan time. This is why one time is so important: the time of the ancient Mayan and their TunUc SolarMoonyear worldwide!

Definition of the present time:

Everything happens always and constantly in the Present Time! Also your body is constantly in process, it is for example busy with creating new cells. The energy your body needs to be able to make new cells comes (amongst other sources) from the Sun, springwater, sleep and from rawfood and superfoods enter the rawfood site.

Raw Food and springwater ar very important, because without the right food you will have little energy and will soon crave stimulating foods like caffeine drinks, alcohol, drugs and/or other addictive substances to keep you awake. This can easily make you sick, simply because this makes sick cells in your body. So, the choice of your food, what you eat has consequences for your physical and mental health! Moreover the cycle of the Moon is in all our cells and especially in the female womb (with the 28 days cycle). It is a fact that there would be no Life on Earth without the Sun and/or the Moon. For not only does the Sun gives us energy, she also makes all flora and fauna (Life Food) grow on the cycle of the Moon. Man thrives best by eating exactly what makes the Fruit of Flowers, Plants and Trees grow (some call it Raw Food, we call it Life Food). So, for your physical wellbeing you nourish yourself with and follow as much as possible The Raw Food Kitchen

I have two questions for you:

What is more important... being Enlightened and/or the way towards Enlightenment? The path of enlightenment is most important! For without having seen through this epistemology one can never be an Enlightened person. Question two: which calendar sits in the present time (the now)? The 13 Moon calendar is in the Now. Even when the Sun sets in the evening, we continue to sleep under the blanket of the natural 13 Moon calendar.

"Mayan TunUc Solar moonyear in general"

Without knowledge of the Mayan Tun Uc Solar Moonyear you can never be in the present time for long. To understand that you just have to listen to your own ‘Knowing’ which is beyond knowledge (HunabKú the spirit behind the thought). So Raw Food for physical health and for mental wellbeing one can simply follow the Mayan TunUc Solar Moonyear in daily life enter These are the most important pillars which have helped Johan van der Beek to reach his full potential as Kukulkan. So, it is up to you what to decide -the choice you make- which yields a feeling in the present time… and if you accept that ,that will be your created reality and it can never become better then it is in the present time, simply because it was your own choice of your Avatar. Don’t you like where you stand now? Lets go of the things holding you there and from now on make the right conscious choices. Because if you can dream it in your deep sleep you can also realise it, for a dream is a reflection of a vision of what the futures holds for you and/or of what can be created by you!

"I surrender to my Avatar and follow my heart"

HunabKú, the spirit behind the thought:

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