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The magical Maya Year 2012 will already start on 10/10/2010 at precisely 10 minutes and 10 seconds after 10:

Johan van der Beek wants to share this information, just as I have give the non-profit organization The United Universe (look at: invites students to join), to al the students of the world. I also give the Natural Maya time to them (enter Mayan Tun Uc SolarMoonyear in general). By this the students will re-connect with their Universal Roots. Because if I could choose from all… to give them something I would choose to Re-activating their Primal Time. In order to be able to free yourself from the imprisoned Illusion and Power trap of the Vatican and Pope... our so called economy (enter Mayan 2012 shift).

"Your can find your natural time on:"

It is Johan van der Beek’s opinion:

That when at the time the Gregorian calendar was accepted as global standard, a degeneration of our evolutionary process started.

To see for yourself please visit the Maya TunUc website: And understand that everything around us exists of vibrations, or even better, an interference pattern of various frequencies of light, sound and radiation. And if somewhere something fails, it often means that a disharmonic has occurred in the interference pattern. A frequency that does not resonate in harmony with the rest. Our planet has a natural vibration, but it is seriously distorted by vibrations of several mechanical timepieces like watches and clocks (exclusive of the digital clockworks that maintain the mechanical time). Almost every household has a timepiece and/or clockwork. Therefore, one second has creates a certain resonance. And we all know what a Resonance Wave can cause, otherwise view Millennium Bridge on You Tube.

It is even so, to make this picture complete, that from a global view all wall, standing and church clocks strike twelve times every whole hour (two times even)!

As a result we are therefore continuously subject to an unnatural time frequency impulse of 12:60 (time is money). So we can understand that this has caused imbalance (physical as well as energetic) throughout the centuries. To be able to globally make a start to be in harmony again with the natural Mayan time frequency of 13:28 (for the feeling), view: Mayan expert Johan van der Beek, we should stop all timepieces. In other words, simply dissociate from time so we can be freed from the power grip of catholic priesthood.

view: Sexual Abuse of children by the priesthood

After all we do not need any mechanical time piece as our Solar system operates like one big cosmic clockwork. The natural Maya Tun Uc SolarMoonyear descended from that. For All I Care… everyone will start making an effort to dissociate from the Pope (enter... Mayan_Information_Intention_of_the_Mayan_Feathered_Serpent)!

Honoured student:

The result of this natural Mayan time adjustment is that you become so synchronized with your fellow students all over the Globe, that you are able to get in touch again with the natural vibration of the Cosmos and Mayan philosophy. Because in Mayan culture there is no Teacher, There is no Leader and no Guru, no Master and/or Liberator. No, because You are the Teacher, the Student, the Master, the Guru and the Leader yourself. You Are Everything.

There is an old Mayan statement:

I stop walking the traditional path and peacefully I choose all roads that are open to me on Mother Earth (today’s student is tomorrow’s future).

A quote of Johan van der Beek:

Mother Nature’s endless order gives me every I require, I need not looking for anymore (2 Balance 4 Life).

Dear reader:

Do you want to support this process? Would you then be so kind as to pass this message on to a (fellow) student (click here for the pdf file).

Hunab K'u, the spirit behind the thought,

Johan Kukulkan Hunab K’u The United Universe
phone: +31 (0) 6 15 87 18 94.

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