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Dear interested party:

To make a donation (anonymously) and / or to sponsor this Mayan Time Management, the way that suits you best, you can select the following options below.

And transfer money by...

ING Bank: 30.32.681 To J.C. van der Beek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Or sponsor by acquire advertising space:

We can place your advertisement on the Mayan internet site. Each page has its own running billboard. You can also choose to place a banner or a logo, from which visitors to the site can click through to another site. All advertising profits are entirely used to spread the Mayan Time Management!

Another possibility to support this Mayan Process:

Is to share your gifts, talents, knowledge network, social network, or services in any other way.

Maybe you are interested:

But need first some more information? Then please contact (without any obligation) Johan van der Beek via.
=Mobile phone, +31 (0) 6 22 32 27 49
=E-mail, UnitedUniverse(a)
=Mailing address, Sijpestein 138. 1083 XL - the Netherlands at Amsterdam

Thank you in advance:

Yours sincerely,
Johan van der Beek Mayan specialist

One Love One Destination!

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